SendReach Review. A Truthful Look At Chuck Mullaney’s SendReach Demographic Autoresponder

Home based entrepreneur, Ray Burton reveals the truth about SendReach. If you’ve heard about the demographic autoresponder and have been considering buying it then this is one of the most important pages you will read this year.

Ray Burton Image Ray Burton has been passionate about SEO and Social Media Marketing for 10+ years. He has launched several online ventures, writes for small business enterprises, does product reviews, provides SEO services and distributes a range of info products related to social media and internet marketing.

What Is An Autoresponder?

Before we look at Sendreach we need take a look at what an autoresponder is and why you need one. Without getting to techical an autoresponder is a piece of software that does something when you send an email to it. If you’re a marketer wanting to make money online, then you will need to build a client base which is usually just referred to as a list. An autoresponder will do exactly that. The mantra in the online world is, “The money is in the list” and is one of the most important lessons to learn if you want to have a long term business online.
A list enables you to build a loyal following of people who listen, learn and buy from you. As you build a relationship with them through your emails to them, they will trust you and trust is essential if they are to buy. The second most important rule is to respect and never abuse your list. Treat these people like gold and they will love you back. So in short an autoresponder will enable you to build a list and sell products to people on that list as you gain their trust.
So what is a, “demographic autoresponder”? It is an autoresponder that has the functionality of being able to focus on certain demographic groups. This enables your marketing to be targeted to people who would be interested in certain products and exclude people who it would not be appropriate to send that particular marketing message to.

From The Desk of: Ray Burton Location: Hastings, New Zealand Product: SendReach Release Date: March, 2013 Product Type: Demographic Autoresponder

SendReach – Sending You The Future Of Email Marketing

SendReach Review and Claims

“What we will have is from every direction as far as I can see a much more cutting edge, a much more useful, a much more effective tool to build an email list, build a relationship and then monetize the list.”

– quote from Chuck Mullaney’s webinar to one of his beta tester groups! Really!! That’s an incredible claim about SendReach by Chuck Mullaney its Founder. Is that a dream or reality? Truth or wishful thinking? I guess you’re here to find out, right? First let’s take a closer look at what you actually get and ask ourselves a few questions along the way. Is it easy to set up and use? Is it simple enough for a newbie and powerful enough for a serious marketer? Is it affordable? Is it effective? The type of product being sold in my opinion needed to have a comprehensive, “Yes” to every question to beat the quality of the current competition.

SendReach Features and Benefits:

      1. Advanced Demographical Autoresponder

        The design engine behind this pulls in Facebook demographics enabling users to have focused marketing, targeting age, location, gender and pretty much whatever else is in their profile at the time. The benefit of this is three fold:

        • You don’t get throw away junk emails on your list
        • You don’t loose your 22yr old females clients when you’re trying to sell a product to 50 year old males or vice-versa.
        • You can build trust and relationship by targeting demographic groups with content appropriate material
      2. Social Media Optin Methods

        Besides the traditional optin forms the program allows for opting in by the click of a button to your social media account. Currently Facebook and Google with more to come. The benefit of this is that it gets past the, “Giving my email address” barrier for a quick and easy optin.sendreach autorespondersend reach autoresponder

      3. QR code optin option

        What could be simpler than scanning a QR code with your mobile phone? The benefit of this is that all the psychological barriers to old style methods are removed for those who like to stay up with the play.

      4. Open API

        The open API enables you to integrate your own systems or have custom built applications to integrate with it. The benefit of this is the potential for additional revenue streams.

      5. Statistical Analysis

        For those who understand the value of testing and tracking, SendReach provides excellent reporting on your email marketing effectiveness. The statistics include who, when and which emails were opened as well as which links were clicked on. The benefit of this is that you can optimize your sales and marketing funnel right through to every detail of every follow up email.

      6. List Importation

        If you already have a list with another autoresponder service you can apply to have them import your list for you into SendReach. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to deal with anything too technical and most importantly you don’t loose your current list!

      7. Investigative Policy For Marketers

        Legitimate marketers can expect support when wrongfully accused of being a spammer or scammer. This is because the team behind SendReach has a marketing background themselves and investigate with the aim of keeping legitimate businesses going and shutting down real spammers and scammers. The benefit of this is you get to keep your list and your business if you are legit and falsely accused. If however you are a spammer or scammer you will be found out and sent packing. They strive for a high level of integrity and transparency in their business and the mail marketing field as a whole.
      8. Easy List Segmentation

        If your prospect becomes a buyer, you can easily have them transferred to a buyers list. The benefit of this is that you don’t irritate your new customer with inappropriate marketing material and you can send them quality information to build your relationship with them.

      9. Demographics of Old Lists

        When you import your list from another autoresponder service, it will automatically have social media profiles added to it for each person on the list if there is any available. The benefit of this is that it enables the demographic features for targeted marketing.

      10. Easy To Use With Training Videos

        Every aspect and feature of SendReach is covered with a training video on its respective page. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to go hunting for help on another page which enables you to learn as you go.



      1. Initial cost may prohibit some. Prices are subject to change so check for current price through the link below. However the scaling price with list size makes this very competitive and excellent value for money as you build your list.
      2. It lacks any list building training. Again this is at the time of writing this review. However I believe this will be addressed before too long.


My Experience

I have been a long time user and fan of Aweber so being aware of their quality of both product and support I thought SendReach would probably fall short in comparison. However with checking over the set up and functionality of the SendReach program, I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn’t just compare well with Aweber and GetResponse but it went well beyond in terms of quality, ease of use and support. Transferring my 6 lists was a simple request to support which was carried out quickly without any problems or errors. Moving on to set up a couple of autoresponder series was just as simple. Along each step of the way I checked the training section for helpfulness and found that again they were high quality.


Having examined all the material, set it up and tested it for myself, I am very confident that SendReach will certainly dramatically improve your bottom line and is certainly excellent value money. I don’t believe he’s pushing it with his, “What we will have is from every direction as far as I can see a much more cutting edge, a much more useful, a much more effective tool to build an email list, build a relationship and then monetize the list.” This is because the end product has proven the statement as true. It simply is the most cutting edge autoresponder on the market today giving the greatest potential for relationship building and ultimately profit from your list. Despite the initial cost outlay, it is far more cost effective overtime because of the price scaling relative to list size coupled with the increased value of the list due to the demographic features and the resulting increased retention of your customers. The product is certainly worth its price tag.

SendReach Bonus

In my review I mentioned that the course did not include training on how to build a list. While this is not essential to the product as it’s assumed you have that knowledge. However not everyone does, so to help you succeed I am happy to give you an entire ebook, that covers list building, giving you a complete understanding of the subject and enable you to be a profit maker in your online venture.

The Ultimate Client Base Builder

List Building Basics The Ultimate Client Base Builder is a ground breaking guide revealing all the dirty tricks and strategies used by the top master list builders exploding their mailing list sizes with up to 250,000+ names and mostly on autopilot! If you want a mega responsive list then you’ll find this resource an enormous help. See normal sales page here: The Ultimate Client Base Builder Bonus value $37.   I have decided to limit the number of copies I give away to just 200 people who order SendReach through the link below.

How to Order and Claim the Bonus

1. Clear your cookies to ensure you qualify for the bonus. To find out how please follow the instructions here: How To Clear Cookies. 2. Order SendReach through the link below. 3. Use the contact form above to copy and paste your receipt to me and provide an email address that I can contact you on regarding the bonus. I will send instructions to the email you provide. Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery of your bonus (if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the contact form) *I absolutely reserve the unconditional right to remove this bonus offer at any time.

Click The Image Below For More Information And Ordering



  To Your Success

Ray Burton

PS. The mantra, “The money is in the list” is most certainly true, but building and cultivating it for maximum fruitfulness requires the wisdom and cutting edge technology this product offers

SendReach Development Update

Here’s a Skype interview that Joseph Bison did with the lead developer of SendReach Jamie Whittington. A little long but very informative without being to technical!

SendReach Integration Update

SendReach have secured a discounted price with a $50 saving for a limited time on the Magic Action Box plugin.

Magic Action Box has enjoyed success for around 2 years with over 100,000 users. It’s popularity has been because of 2 things.

1. The ability to give you great looking opt-in boxes and popups straight out the box with little set up required.

2. The ability to customize your form with the greatest of ease to get the look and feel you want to match your website.

You get the Ultimate version of the plugin for the price of the Professional version and so save $50. The difference between the 2 is with the Ultimate version you get the Magic Action Popup Addon and licence to use it on your client sites.

For information about the plugin, hear the full announcement and get the discounted price click here.